Holistic approach


Interaction and the way in which we navigate information according to our objectives is very subjective and time sensitive. Ensuring that we achieve objectives and exceed expectations involves an approach that flattens out layers of navigability in an unobscured fashion, and offers us at a glance engaging options in which to interact with content on a website or web application. Understanding user patterns and implementing current user interfaces contribute to intuitive or familiar interaction which results in an exceptional user experience.

I am passionate about pairing intuitive user experience with technology, business objectives and having access to information independent of hardware device. The approach involves using flexible layouts and content management that is styled according to the device with which we are using to view the content.

Developing and testing with W3C standards and best practices guarantees that the user experience will be of high quality when interacting with the content which is device and browser dependent.

A client-centric approach ensures that clients stay because they find what they are looking for, stay longer because they find unexpected items that capture their attention and leave with the intention of coming back because of an intuitive user experience.


“UX designers lead organizations to ensure that great experiences get out into the world.”
- Peter Merholz

Graphic Design

I have worked on a number of different projects that would include business cards, brochures, product literature, charts, diagrams, posters, invitations, collateral, exhibit banners, CD packaging, presentations, demonstrations, newsletters, web design, and magazine advertisements.

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